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Shawna Jones

Massage Therapist MA60168603 
Owner of Imortel Spa and Agility Massage

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"I am grateful for my pain. It has lead me on this path of helping others." 

Along with my state license, I am licensed in Intra-Oral Massage and certified in Thai Yoga Massage. I am mostly sought out for my ability to  help with pain relief and increased mobility for clients with chronic pain and injuries.  I have learned that the best way to administer truly effective therapy is by first listening carefully to the individual, then listening to their body every step of the way.

Eddy Pace

Massage Therapist
Owner of Flow: Massage+Fitness

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I’ve been a licensed massage therapist  for ten years,  as well as an NASM certified personal trainer for over 2 years. I specialize in injury recovery, medical massage, and sports performance optimization, and am endorsed in intra-oral massage.  I like to tailor every massage to the individual that I’m working with and consider their specific needs for each session. I also see relaxation massage as highly therapeutic, and I like to make my deep tissue sessions as relaxing as possible by using the appropriate amount of pressure to release tight areas.

Shea Rose

Massage Therapist
Owner of Massage by Shea

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I have worked in the healthcare field for over ten years and four of those as a massage therapist. I am happiest working one on one with individuals and massage therapy provides the ideal environment. Along with always starting a session by listening to the individual I can incorporate hot stone and essential oil treatment as well. I believe that massage therapy should be a mind and body experience. Relaxation and easing muscle tension go hand in hand.